My professional experience has been in web development, producing static and CMS websites, as well as web and mobile apps. I began as a Project Manager but have created a path to become a hybrid Producer / QA Analyst.

During that time I have learned how quality production is conducted. Since the beginning of my professional career, I have applied my Political Science degree by reconciling independent and sometimes opposing interests in order to produce an exceptional product. Even though departments may have interests that differ from the client or one-another, there is always a common goal to deliver results that transcend expectations.

My work as a Producer has not only allowed me to continue developing my base skill set of nurturing relationships and managing projects, but it has also provided many opportunities to learn from subject experts in different roles and industries. I have been fortunate to have a great team and partners to work with. I have learned how to effectively ask questions, foster creativity, and most of all, listen. My experience has certainly made me a more well-rounded individual.

During my time as a QA Analyst, I have learned about more of the technical aspects of a project’s development process. Though I am familiar with how a project is scoped, testing has shown me how technical requirements can dictate the approach and cadence of development. That new understanding has provided me with the ability to view problems from different angles and provide actionable solutions. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about different testing methodologies and look forward to gaining more philosophical insights.

When not working, I like to spend time with my friends and family and be active. Living in Colorado has been an awesome experience since it allows for so many opportunities for outdoor activities. I like to run, hike, snowshoe, rollerblade, and play softball. I love to follow politics, movies and music, and I also own a photography business that captures the adventurous spirit of dogs in natural settings, which perfectly aligns with my love for the outdoors and my love of dogs. I have two rescue kids of my own – Keke and Kylo.